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The WSO2 Centre of Excellence is a meld of WSO2’s top-notch solutions combined with Exzatech’s deep consultative solution experience. We deliver significant outcomes that helps you deliver faster at scale, boosts your operational efficiency, while transforming your enterprise across business and customer touch points.

API Management

A single-view, unified platform for APIs across all environments.

Exzatech helps customers customize and implement WSO2’s fully open-source API Manager that supports API publishing, lifecycle management, application development, access control, rate limiting and analytics through a unified system. Deployable on premise or on multiple cloud environments, the API manager gives you extensive control and visibility to manage, monitor, and monetize your APIs and its products.

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Protect Your Resources

Secure your data and services with elaborate access control facilitated through API Manager’s authentication, authorization, and usage limits.

Save Costs

Reduce the dependency on future investments with full lifecycle API management.

Make better decisions

Tap into data-driven insights through API analytics to make informed decisions.

Customize for your Business

Access to the source code makes business-specific customization easy and cost-effective.

Enterprise Integration

Seamless system interconnectivity for enhanced business agility.

Exzatech engages WSO2’s fully open-source Enterprise Integrator to integrate all systems and applications across a business. Be it SaaS services, on-premise apps, IoT, streaming data, APIs or cloud services, the Enterprise Integrator effectively eliminates the chaos of point-to-point integration and enables free-flowing communication between your people, processes, systems, and technologies.

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Speedy Rollout

Proven to have the fastest integration runtime, Enterprise Integrator can be scaled across deployments at speed and with the least implementation risk.

Step 1
Connect Everything

Enterprise Integrator comes with in-built support for a wide range of protocols, standards, SaaS APIs and systems, making it possible to connect almost anything to anything else.

Step 2
Secure your systems

Safeguard sensitive data with advanced protection of the entire ecosystem that keeps unauthorized access and unwanted risks at bay.

Step 3

Identity & Access Management

Secured access control for uncompromised protection of IT systems.

Exzatech implements WSO2’s fully open-source Identity Server that lets businesses strategically define and deploy information access controls and privileges, thereby, improving customer experience. The platform lets you federate and authenticate across all on-premises and cloud environments.

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Secure all environments

Be it on premises, in the cloud or hybrid architecture, protect assets across all environments.

Step 1
Flexibility in customization

Innovate and customize the access management system using the flexibility of open-source technology.

Step 2
Reduce risks

Steer clear off all unforeseen threats and hidden risks through automated access control.

Step 3

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