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The main presentation for SMARTDesktop for the time being. This presentation is being reworked and the new version will be published here.

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10. Some Screen Shots

15. Active Directory Domain Integration

23. Web Application through SMARTDesktop - 2

11. Administration Console – Screen Shots Administration Console – Index Page

16. SMARTDesktop – User Login End point used to access the SMARTDesktop session was installed with Ubuntu Linux 14.04 Desktop Edition.

18. User using Windows Application in Desktop mode This desktop session was Started on a HP Thin Client with Mint Linux & Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

19. User using Linux Applications in Desktop mode This desktop session was Started on a HP Thin Client with Mint Linux & Mozilla Firefox Web Browser.

22. Web Application through SMARTDesktop Microsoft Internet Explorer was started in Desktop Session accessed from Laptop with Ubuntu Linux 14.04 & Mozilla Firefox Browser & Java Plug-in.

24. Virtual Desktop – Advanced View Redirected Audio Session based Remote Desktop accessed on a End point – Laptop with Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and Mozilla Forefox & Java Plug-in

26. For further details & evaluation contact: eXzaTech Consulting And Services Pvt. Ltd. Ph: +91-80-46204999, Email: [email protected]

21. User using Both Windows & Linux Applications in Desktop mode This desktop session was accessed on a Laptop with Ubuntu 14.04 Linux & Mozilla Firefox Web Browser with Java Plugin.

17. User using All Windows Applications in Portal mode Portal session accessed thorough Mozilla Firefox Browser installed on an endpoint with Linux Operating System.

14. Session Configuration – User Group Overriding settings • Over riding settings at User Group Level. • One server from the server farm is added as “Authorized Server” to start Desktop Sessions.

20. User using Both Windows & Linux Applications in Portal mode Portal session started thorough Mozilla Firefox Browser with Java Plug-in installed on an endpoint with Linux Operating System.

7. One Broker for all types of Applications Common Broker Windows Applications Linux Applications Web & Cloud Applications vLDAP Server vSMARTDesktop Linux Server vSMARTDesktop Windows Servers vSMARTDesktop File Servers Others Private / Public Cloud

1. Introducing SMARTDesktop T R A M S TIMELY REALISTIC ACHIEVABLE MEASURABLE SPECIFIC The Ultimate Virtual Desktop Solution based on Open Source Technologies.

12. Application Configuration – Application Groups & Publications • Application Groups are defined. • User Groups & Application Group & User Group & Server Groups are linked to create a Publication. Application Group Name User Group allowed to use these applications

9. SMARTDesktop – Key Benefits - Continued • Transform IT Delivery • Integrate & seamlessly deliver Hosted Virtual Desktops, dedicated virtual desktops & Applications on-demand; as a Service. • Reduce Complexity • Simplify the process of desktop and application delivery & management • Operational Efficiency • Centralise Management, Security & Backup • Lower Costs • Reduced complexity, choice of clients, choice of client OS & applications leads to lower infrastructure costs coupled with affordable support subscription plans.

4. SMARTDesktop An open solution to deliver securely any Windows®, Linux, Web & SaaS applications to any device of the enterprise through a web browser. SMARTDesktop ensures: • Centralised or Distributed, but centrally managed IT infrastructure. • Choice of clients like Desktop / Laptop, Thin Clients & Cloud Clients, locked down kiosks or enable BYOD; yet have the uniform desktop / application delivery. • Seamless integration & uniform delivery of Windows, Linux, Web & SaaS Applications. • Integration with Enterprise Authentication & Authorisation Services, Corporate Portals through APIs... • Significant reduction in TCO and increase in ROI. The Ultimate Virtual Desktop & Application Delivery Solution

2. Are you planning to: • Setup new branches / departments and you plan to invest in the branch / department level infrastructure? • Setup a distributed but centrally managed infrastructure? • Refurbish / replace the existing / obsolete compute infrastructure by providing for reuse of the existing & compatible IT inventory? • To have a choice of End Points and introduce BYOD, yet ensure uniform delivery of Desktop / applications as per policy? • Centralise the infrastructure management & maintenance activities to have better visibility & control? • ............... If the answer to the above is “YES” , please take a look at: SMARTDesktop – The Virtual Desktop Solution

3. Why Smart Desktop Solution? • SMARTDesktop is: • A SPECIFIC Solution – A Solution that can address both specific & general requirements. • A Solution with MEASURABLE Results– The results and the benefits are measurable. You can set a goal and you can be sure to have a measure for achieving the same. • A Solution that is Practically ACHIEVABLE – A Solution that is practically achievable in any enterprise. You set the Vision & Goal. SMARTDesktop works with you to achieve the Vision & Goal. • A Solution that is REALISTIC – Helps you setup a Dynamic but Realistic End Compute IT Infrastructure. • A Solution that delivers TIMELY results – The solution is ready deliver the applications in time as required.

13. Session Configuration – Session Defaults • SMARTDesktop session default configuration (Partial View): • Default session mode : Desktop • Default language : English • Time restrictions & Default timeout for a session : Not set • Bypass Server Restrictions : Set to “Yes” • Multimedia, Storage & Printer redirection were enabled • RDP Bit Per Pixel (Colour Depth) was set to 32 Bits • User experience enablement was enabled. • Session persistency was enabled. • Advanced Profile Integration was set. • Remote Desktop Type was set to “Windows” • Remote Applications & portal mode were enabled.

25. Summary.. • SMARTDesktop is an open solution to deliver securely any Windows, Linux, Web or SaaS applications to any device of the enterprise through a web browser or a dedicated native software client. • Seamless delivery of hosted applications across devices. • Enables BYOD • Centralises End-point administration & Management • SMARTDesktop is a specific solution with realistic, achievable & measurable results and assures timely delivery. • Ensures quickly realizable ROI T R A M S TIMELY REALISTIC ACHIEVABLE MEASURABLE SPECIFIC

6. SMARTDesktop – Key Features Group Feature Local Desktop Interactons  Policy based access USB Storage, Local Printers & Peripherals  Sound & Video Support  Copy & Paste between local & Remote (Hosted Applicatons) Administraton  Single Web Management Console  Wizard Driven Applicaton Publishing  Monitoring & Reportng  E-mail alerts for out-of-ofce monitoring  Delegated administraton Backward Compatbility  Windows Server 2003 (32/64 bit)  Windows Server 2008 R2 Server (64 Bit)  Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 (64 Bit Pooled & Dedicated Virtual Desktops  Supports both Windows & Linux Pooled or Dedicated Virtual Desktops (Need integraton to Microsof Actve Directory) Cloud Support  Can be deployed on Cloud Infrastructure to provide DaaS Services.

5. SMARTDesktop – Key Features Group Feature Application Delivery  Delivers both Windows & Linux Applications together simultaneously Infrastructure  Secured access over WAN, LAN through SSL.  RSA Secure ID Two Factor Authentication System, CAS Authentication  Enterprise Class Scalability and Availability  Automatic load balancing and failover support  Disconnected Session Recovery  Integrates with MS Active Directory/Novell eDirectory/any LDAP  Multiple Single Sign On techniques  Common Internet File System for both Linux & Windows on NAS/SAN/WebDAV/web/cloud/local storage  Can be deployed over LAN or WAN Interface  Windows 7 “Like” or Linux Remote Desktop Access with combined Windows & Linux Applications  Rich & consistent user experience that parallels that of a local PC on any compatible device.  Universal access through any Java / HTML 5 enabled browser  Native Client (Available only in Enterprise Edition)  Android & iOS Clients (Available only in Enterprise Edition)

8. SMARTDesktop – Key Benefits Today Near Term Maturity Timeline W o r k g r o u p s V i r t u a l i s e d D e s k t o p V i r t u a l i s a t i o n F o r a l l F u l l D e v i c e A n d L o c a t i o n I n d e p e n d e n c e O p e r a t i o n a l E f f i c i e n c y C o s t S a v i n g s B u s i n e s s E f f i c i e n c y • Liberation of entire workforce to create and share from anywhere and any time • Enablement of dispersed workforce • Mobile Computing – Mobile 1.0 • Centralise Mgmt., security & Backup • LAN groups • Limited Use Cases • Repeatable & Simple deployment including knowledge workers • Remote workers similar to VPN • Easily switch between desktops, laptops, thin clients, mobile & tablets • WAN accessibility from anywhere Longer Term


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