Performance Management

We empower you to monitor security threats in real-time

Exzatech’s Performance Monitoring, Log Analytics, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution lets you track activities within your IT environments as they happen, giving you unparalleled control over compliance and security management. Coupled with data analytics and predictive capabilities, you can always stay on top of security incidents and anomalies and take proactive corrective actions in time.

A glimpse of our tool box


A one-stop-shop for Performance Analytics, log management, audit trailing, and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). Exzatech uses the power of ELKStack to bring together logs from all systems across an enterprise’s network to provide central storage that’s easily accessible too. With visualization and monitoring capabilities, analyzing the data and deriving insights unlocks next-gen business value.

Business Benefits

  • Analyse performance, logs, evenets
  • Meet SLAs
  • Prevent potential security breaches
  • Ensure IT compliance
  • Reduce the impact of security events
  • Improve logging and reporting processes across the business

Why let us help you?

  • Equipped with analytical capabilities: We drill deep for real-time insights, enabling you to transition from a reactive monitoring mode to a proactive one.
  • Built to scale: Our solutions render exceptional flexibility to scale seamlessly.
  • Applicable across environments: Bring on-premise and every cloud environment under the expansive shield of a unified monitoring & security platform.

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