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Internet of Thing

In this ever-growing networking technology, the need of connecting network devices, and systems for communication is becoming mandatory. A technology with exclusive communicators or identifiers to transfer data over internet requiring no human/ computer interaction is a need in the current IT trends.

eXzaTech provide IoT solutions to enterprises that can connect anything, and will be connected via Internet enabling communication between devices, and to us using embedded sensors.

It embeds sensors as per customer requirement to make their business to work at ease by providing seamless network communication.

Opting IoT is a leading step for Digital Transformation as it lets you monitor network devices from anywhere.

This type of connectivity enables easy data capture, reduce manual work, and track real time activities of the connected things over Internet. IoT is an easy way to detect “What is happening”, and “Where it is happened”, helping company to predict break of a system and to plan new make in a system at finger tips.

Choosing IoT is choosing business transformation, it collects varied types of data across the assets present in the network right from platform, operating systems, switches, routers, and entire names functional network devices present in IT environment. These data can be analysed, tapped for generating Reports and Dashboards extending hawk-eye view of entire company setup


  • Data capture from multiple points
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Real-time insights help to make smarter decisions
  • Better view of Asset functionality
  • Alert generation
  • View Outages, and Repairs
  • Limited human interference
  • Modernize business