Your data intrinsically empowers its recipients, for good or bad.

How do you control and secure it from lurking intruders who could leak it into the ever-growing digital public spaces while your employees work in a highly collaborative remote work setup?


Ndryve Overview

Ndryve is an enterprise-ready, remote-friendly, “Content Collaboration Workspace” with a focus on data protection and security. Think of it as an advanced security mode rather than a set of features.

Ndryve offers traditional on-premises, hybrid managed or fully cloud-hosted content collaboration workspace. Our technology combines the ease of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive with the security, privacy and control of business needs.

Why Ndryve?

Productivity: You can support across all platforms to share, collaborate and communicate across organizational boundaries. Key considerations here include ease of access, intuitive interface, and the ability to seamlessly switch between cellular-based networks and Wi-Fi offerings while simultaneously pulling data from the cloud.

Models: We offer Software only or pre-built hardware appliances. The software-only option will have subscription-based on “No. of CPU Cores” for Enterprise On-premises deployment, and “No of users and storage” for cloud or hybrid deployments while the “Pre-built hardware appliance” will be priced based on storage capacity.


Files: Enterprise File Sync & Share 

Files offers Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful controlled collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces.

Key Features

--> All data is under your control without any propriety lock-in or external monitoring by us.
--> Ndryve offers an easy-to-use user interface, which comes with powerful search functionality, deletion and versioning, favourites, tags, and more ways to quickly reach the files users need.
--> We enforce best-in-class security policies, extensive security hardening features and File Access Control to ensure legal and privacy regulations. Ndryve comes with audit, logging, two-factor authentication and NIST compliant password policy control functionalities.
--> Advanced quota management with configurable accounting of external storage and configurable file retention policies.
--> Standards Compliance HIPAA, GDPR and more: Ndryve is designed with compliance in mind, providing extensive data policy enforcement, encryption, user management and auditing capabilities.

Serving Your Needs

  • Healthcare: Files offers Universal File Access and sync platform with powerful controlled collaboration capabilities and desktop, mobile and web interfaces
  • Education: Ndryve has unique features for research and academic institutions.
  • Financial Services: Ndryve delivers confidentiality, security and compliance.
  • Government: Ndryve offers the ultimate control to protect digital sovereignty in Government.
  • Global Scale: Ndryve can be easily scaled to hundreds of millions of users at commodity cost.
  • Media & Advertising: Ndryve provides easy and efficient collaboration on large files.
  • Lawyers & Auditors: Ndryve assures your clients that their documents stay 100% confidential.
  • Construction & Manufacturing: Ndryve has the easy, efficient UI Civil Engineers need to deliver on time.

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