Life at Exzatech

Life @ Exzatech is not just a job, but a wholesome future

At Exzatech we are building the next big thing(s). No two ways about it. Our products challenge some of the best in the business and will one day be looked upon as the fulcrum points of change. We envision a future where India will be looked upon as a cradle of innovation, not just a services delivery country. Yes, we think big and do big.

We have replaced scale with vision. We rally around the phrase “the sky is not the limit” It means we always look at the big picture and take initiative — even if that means going beyond our job descriptions. We celebrate our wins, learn from failures, and find joy in every day in between. We’re headstrong in our convictions, open to new perspectives, and constantly evolving with our global community. So come join a company where you will be challenged and rewarded with equal measure. Make a true difference in our life today.

Work on projects that impact a billion people

We are working on projects that positively impact the lives of entire nations. Yes, we develop the software that turns many of the cogs within our nation’s development machine. We turn breakthrough thinking into tangible results. From the Indian subcontinent to the African continent to the Australasia region we are ubiquitously present everywhere. Which means your next customer project can be anywhere in the world. We are passionate about AI, ML and Digital Transformation buttressed by our innovative approach.

There’s a bit of Exzatech in the world around you

We are the best when it comes to delivering solutions that are path breaking and transformational. Our work touches the way millions of people travel across the nation, access health     services make a digital birth and death registration or engage  with citizen services at large. We take pride in being a true-blue contributor to the welfare of our country at large. We work global and think local. By working together with our customers, we deliver results that drive innovation and support breakthrough strategies.

We build next big things, yet the Life is full of new experiences and fun at Exzatech.

The atmosphere at Exzatech allows everyone to bring their entire selves; no filters, no fear of being judged. Our greatest strength is that we lift each other up, every day, all the time.

Exztra Good Times

Friday's are always "TGIF" vibes for most working professionals. At Exzatech, our Friday’s come with the colours of the rainbow where celebrate life with verve and passion. We indulge in birthday celebrations, colour codes, fun games, activities and much, much more.

Born to fly @ Chikkamagaluru


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