IT Operations


Well planned, optimized and well performing IT infrastructure plays a major role in the smooth delivery of business applications, thus maintaining SLA. Hence monitoring & managing the health & performance of the IT & Application delivery infrastructure, fixing the issues and tracking the service delivery with predictive analysis assumes importance.

Exzatech offers tightly integrated & the best in breed solutions for setting up the application delivery infrastructure, monitoring & managing the health & performance of IT & application delivery infrastructure.

To support the business line, we have entered into alliances with industry-leading technology companies apart from supporting Open Source Software Solutions.

"A leading Private Sector Bank and a Large Logistics company subscribes to Exzatech's Open Source solution for Central Authentication & Authorization"

Authentication & Authorization

Samba is a software package that gives the network administrators flexibility and freedom in terms of setup, configuration and choice of systems and equipment. Because of all that it offers, Samba has grown in popularity and continues to do so, every year since 1992.

Starting from version 4.0, Samba is able to run as an Active Directory (AD) domain controller (DC). It can coexist with Windows Active Directory and exchange & replicate the data with Windows AD.

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Performance Management

Finding and fixing roadblocks in IT Infrastructure, Servers, Operating Systems, Network, Applications and your Application Code boils down to search. Our dedicated UI lets you identify bottlenecks and zero in on problematic changes at the code level. As a result, you get a better, more efficient code that leads to a speedier develop-test-deploy loop, faster applications, and better customer experiences.

Production-grade Container Orchestration

An open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Designed on the same principles that allow Google to run billions of containers a week, Kubernetes can scale without increasing your ops team.


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