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Video-based Customer Identification Process (V-CIP) has become an accepted way of customer identification

With ExzaFusion, you can create cost-efficient and hassle-free onboarding journeys – without delays, discrepancies, or physical contact. ExzaFusion combines web-based real-time communication technology with contact center workflows so that your agents can ensure seamless remote onboarding experiences.

What is Video-KYC?

Video KYC helps capture a live photo of the customer and collect valid documents recognized by the Govt. to verify and onboard a customer. Video KYC is particularly helpful to investment firms, banks, and the telecom industry that require verification to acquire details of the customer digitally before taking them on their platforms. This is where ExzaFusion V-CIP comes into play. Fortunately, ever since RBI(Reserve Bank of India) issued a notification dated 09th January 2020,  the. KYC procedures have become automated & video-based to perform due diligence with a digital KYC verification for customer onboarding.

Benefits of Video-KYC

  • Remote onboarding: No need for in-person verification or physical meetings
  • Huge cost savings: Go paperless and eliminate manual processes
  • Regulatory compliance: Quickly comply with region-wise KYC regulations
  • Business scalability: Grow your business without worrying about sudden

ExzaFusion – powering your KYC process

ExzaFusion V-CIP is a web-based and AI/ ML-enabled solution. It can be Cloud hosted or on-premises, with features that enable verification in real-time over a live video call. Other features include emails & notifications, scheduling the verification with an agent, receiving an OTP, reminders, etc. Ensure that the KYC process is carried out flawlessly and in compliance with anti-money laundering policies and other RBI regulations. Both customer and client-friendly, ExzaFusion Video KYC Platform offers unique advantages:

  • Consistent user experiences despite network constraints
  • Ability to trigger video KYC from the enterprise mobile app or bot
  • Easily integrated with existing contact center systems
  • Compatible across a plethora of mobile and smart devices

Why ExzaFusion?

ExzaFusion V-CIP is a cost-effective solution to onboard customers quickly, saving the time of the customer and the organization. It can also help you expand your customer base to remote locations since KYC and onboarding can be achieved with one live video call. ExzaFusion combines web-based real-time communication technology with contact center workflows so that your agents can ensure seamless remote onboarding experiences. Using ML and AI, we help you create a multi-layered KYC process that is accurate, fast, and fully-secure. Key features that ExzaFusion offers:

  • GUI-based workflow to collect customer information & ensure backend integration
  • Instant call routing to the relevant agent for Live Verification
  • Live audio and video call between the customer and the agent
  • Liveness Detection, Facial Recognition & OCR – to help prevent fraud

Helping you redefine onboarding excellence

   Feature-packed: Screen pop, signature block etc.

Tested across multiple browser versions/platforms

Multiple Deployment Options - Cloud, On-premise or hybrid

Strict adherence to in-country onboarding regulations

  • Web-based real-time communication technology

  • Integrated with operational workflows – standalone or contact center-specific

  • ML and AI-driven KYC processes

  • Create cost-efficient and convenient onboarding process workflows

  • Deliver consistent user experiences despite network constraints

  • Be more financially inclusive by remotely onboarding “out of reach” customers

  • Four types of users: Customer, Agent, Admin, Super Admin
  • Video KYC Schedule Link will be sent to mail ID

  • Easy and flexible scheduling based on customer availability

  • Check for all permissions – audio-visual and location too

  • Agent hunting capability

  • Easy document management capability for agent

  • Agent can easily replay session

  • Agents can approve or reject the KYC and add necessary comments.

  • An agent can create a forum to discuss specific issues

  • Admin can see the list of upcoming KYCs for a given

  • Admin can view the past list of KYCs

  • Admins can view upcoming KYCs that have been scheduled for the day

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