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Welcome to Ndryve!

Anantha Raghava

Welcome to Ndryve!

Thanks for registering on the most exciting collaboration platform that is going to usher in a bold new era. When you and others register, it encourages us and inspires us to leap ahead and forge an exciting future, one that you will a part of.

Not too long ago we had to come to a singular realization “there is no technology or software platform in the world that does not have an Indian hand and mind behind it”. Yet the sad truth was that for us to use (these softwares) we have to abide by the laws of these countries or pay them in their preferred currency of choice. Even if we pay in our national currency the consolidation ultimately happens outside the country. Further, all our personal data stands to be used and abused. Why do we allow this? When the best of Indian brains is behind some of the top international software, why can’t we create one for ourselves. A platform that is incepted, created and nurtured in India. Ndryve was born from this very thought. We have invested innumerable hours, immeasurable efforts, and our very souls behind it. This is why every sign-up is looked upon with delight and glee.

Make Ndryve your own. Please register, use and share your feedback. We will tirelessly work towards making it an outlier and offering you the best at all times.


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