Embark on your Digital Transformation Journey with Exzatech DTF

What is a Digital Transformation Framework?

A digital transformation framework is your blueprint for managing your organization through all the changes and challenges of evolving business conditions. ‍It is a blueprint that ensures no part of the business is left behind during disruptions – expected or unexpected.

Exzatech DTF

At Exzatech our DTF helps you supersize customer experience while shrinking spend. It helps you navigate with a common reference point that evolves even as the organization changes. With this framework, you can define your strategies and create the roadmap to go digital-first smoothly. Exzatech’s digital transformation framework runs the gamut, from interconnected components with bundled infrastructure to application development services. For those in the BSFI sector, your customers will thank you for the user-friendly DTF when they apply for a loan or open a new account.

Major components of Exzatech's DTF

  • Infrastructure Components – Dockers, Kubernetes orchestration, Webserver/ Reverse Proxy/ Load Balancers
  • Application Layer – Business logic, API connection, and transformation – Microservices
  • AI/ ML models for Know Your Customer (KYC) process
    • Biometric authentication, face recognition/ authentication
    • Data analytics
  • Log, application, customer experience monitoring
  • API Management and Integration platform – for internal & external API connectivity, pre-built connectors, and transformation services.

API driven ecosystems

Exzatech excels in building an API-driven ecosystem. Exzatech has expertise in many API Management and Integration platforms. Exzatech partners with WSO2 and support their fully open source platforms. Fully open-source platforms give you extensive control and visibility to manage, monitor and monetize your APIs thus enabling free-flowing communication between your people, processes, systems, and technologies.

  • Superior customization: Access to the source code makes business-specific customization easy and cost-effective.
  • Speedy rollout: Solutions are deployable at unparalleled speed and with the least implementation risks.
  • Save costs: Reduce dependency on future investments and unplanned costs.

Exzatech DTF - Power your journeys ahead

Our DTF brings the two sides of enterprise innovation together. It can be used to create a repeatable method of diagnosis, strategic planning and implementation, when it comes to repositioning a business in the digital economy. Typical examples are a fully automated loan management process; a customer friendly onboarding journey and an easy to use services comparison platform – all this without delayed identity verification or long drawn out approval processes. Targeted at a variety of industries Exzatech’s DTF offers self-service and assisted models to navigate the digital journey, both simply and seamlessly. As it supports web, mobile/ tablet applications, it is eminently suitable for the BSFI, Auto, Retail and many other sectors to enable digital transformation.

Get ready to go digital-first

With your ecosystem components in place, you can go live with the first phase in four months. All you need to become completely digital is:

Customer Readiness
Collaboration with all stakeholders in the organization
Identification of API Services Partners
Clarity of the roadmmap and processes

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