Digital Transformation

Take first step. Start adapting to Open Source

Digital transformation is the profound transformation of business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, 

With present and future shifts in mind, Digital Transformation practice calls for Software Modernization that is migration from legacy platforms to more modern platforms that enable the enterprise to work with the connected world in an adaptive, agile and flexible manner.

Open Source software today brings the most sought flexibility into enterprise IT thus helping the enterprises to simplify the IT Delivery & reducing the costs significantly.l

eXzaTech Open Source software approach brings the most sought flexibility to enterprise IT thus helping the enterprises to simplify the IT Delivery & reducing the costs significantly.

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API Management

Deploy and apply API design, creation, reuse, analytics and governance.

API Manager is an open source approach that addresses full API lifecycle management, monetization, and policy enforcement. It allows extensibility and customization and ensures freedom from lock-in.
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Enterprise Integration

Provide quick, iterative integration of any app, data, or system.

Enterprise Integrator, core to the Integration Agile Platform, is an open source integration product for cloud-native and container-native projects. It enables enterprise integration experts to build, scale, and secure sophisticated integration solutions to achieve digital agility. Unlike other integration products, Enterprise Integrator already contains integration run-times, message brokering, business process modelling, analytics and visual tooling capabilities.

Identity & Access Management for Agile Business

Enterprise Identity Server, a part of the Integration Agile Platform, is a uniquely flexible, open source Identity and Access Management (IAM) product optimized for identity federation and SSO with comprehensive support for adaptive and strong authentication. It helps identity administrators to federate identities, secure access to web/mobile applications and endpoints, and bridge versatile identity protocols across on-premises and cloud environments.

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        Embrace Digital Transformation with Containerization

        Containers enable Digital Transformation of your existing applications and the new Initiatives

        Containers provide freedom of choice, operational agility and integrated security along with operationalizing the agile practices and DevOps.

        eXzaTech ensures that your enterprise is ready to embrace the Digital Transformation. Let's start an engagement