The importance of alignment between your goals and the organization's goals


Company-wide alignment means that everyone in the organization is working together toward the same goal. It can benefit the organization with increased efficiency and productivity, better communication, and more cohesive work teams.

Having a shared goal also helps to motivate employees and makes them feel like they are a significant part of the bigger picture. Employees will be more likely to stay focused and put in their best effort when they think they are working together toward something important to the organization. 

Overall, company-wide alignment has several benefits for organizations. When everyone works together toward a goal or more, with clearly outlined strategies and desirable outcomes, the organization can run more efficiently and effectively. In addition, employees are more likely to be engaged and inspired to come up with creative solutions. As a result, company-wide alignment can lead to a more successful and prosperous organization. 

Aligning your goals with organization goals is the only way to future-proof your organization and take you forward. 

What is the direct result of misaligned goals? 

When your goals and the goals of your organization are not aligned, it is a problem not just for you but the entire organization. 

For you:

●      A feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction with your job.

●      Not happy with your career trajectory

●      A sense of ennui and decreasing engagement with the project, team members, and organization. 

For the organization:

●      Missed deadlines and missed targets

●      Poor performance and decreased efficiency

●      Subpar products and services

●      Delayed deliverables

●      Unhappy customers 

When you see the above, you know that the writing on the wall is clear.

Poor performance = low productivity = dissatisfied customers = direct hit on the bottomline. 

Now that we have seen what a lack of alignment can do to us as individual employees and our organization, let's see how we can turn it around. How can we convert misalignment to alignment between our goals and our organization?

Alignment of individual and organizational objectives

A lack of alignment is when you, as an individual, are busy pursuing your goals, and the team is seeking an entirely different one. While they both work hard, albeit tangentially, they overlook the critical "big picture." This big picture constitutes the organization's objectives, and your contribution is key to meeting the organization's goals. So, it is imperative to come together and work as one.

Work as one for optimum results.

Working as one means everyone works together to get the best possible results. We can do this by setting goals, communicating and collaborating effectively, and working towards them together. Undoubtedly, this is the best approach to ensuring maximum benefits for all.

Benefits of alignment between your goals and organization goals.

Alignment helps increase clarity and focus for both individuals and the organization as a whole. It brings a better understanding of each other's priorities and how they fit into the big picture. It also ensures greater efficiency on the journey to achieving the common goals, with more buy-in and commitment from employees to the organization's goals. What's more, it catalyzes a culture of accountability, continuous improvement, and the possibility of achieving long-term success.

Impact on individual employees

When goals are aligned between individuals and the organization, it can lead to:

●      A sense of ownership for the organization's success.

●      Increased job satisfaction, motivation, and a sense of pride in the organization. Increased trust between individuals and the organization

●      Career growth and professional success.

Impact on the organization

From an organizational perspective, alignment between goals can lead to:

●      Increased efficiency and productivity, eliminating duplicate effort and wasted time and resources.

●      Improved decision-making, as well as increased creativity and innovation.

●      Improved financial performance, as organizations can better focus their resources and efforts.

●      Improved business sustainability, as well as enhanced relationships with stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, and shareholders.

●      Improved bottom line and business success.

Final thoughts

We are stronger when we bring our individual talents together and work as a unit towards meeting our business objectives, if not exceeding them. There is also no doubt that we can achieve what we set out to do. Aligned goals will put us on the same page and bring forth the vital team effort to ensure superior products, service delivery, and outstanding customer experience.


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