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We solve business problems with AI solutions

No two businesses are alike. Whether you are a start-up or an MNC, a small or mid-sized organization, we help you solve your unique business challenges and enhance operational efficiency through custom-built AI solutions. We step in as your technical partner and engage our knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating data-powered solutions and products within your business environment.

Nowadays modern businesses need to leverage machine learning (ML) based solutions to help automate operations and making the whole process of document management faster and more effective.

Document & Handwriting Identification

Our AI module and offering ExzaHawkAI incorporates AI to identify and classify the type of document and extract key data. It can efficiently, accurately convert varied content sources contained into standard data types, scanning for relevant information and feeding that information into common data stores. HawkAI recognizes handwriting; has deep and advanced facial recognition features is web accessible and has a mobile SDK.

ExzaHawkAI achieves this through 3 steps:

it learns to recognise different types of documents after being given a few variations and examples.


it trains itself to understand context, such as what an invoice number is not and what should (or shouldn’t) be around the number, which results in a high degree of accuracy in the extraction.


advanced search capabilities can validate extracted data from a document with existing information in another system.

AI For Face Recognition

ExzaHawkAI’s liveliness detection helps secure facial recognition systems that protects from deception. An impostor could use (real) user photos, videos or a prosthetic such as a mask to deceive a facial recognition software and gain unsanctioned account or data access. Fraud prevention is the one of the main reasons why liveliness detection is required for a secure facial authentication application. ExzaHawkAI’s liveliness detection occurs in the background, making it completely frictionless for the user while preventing fraudsters from knowing when it’s happening. Users authorize camera access for a given application(s) that use HawkAI.

ExzaHawkAI Android SDK

ExzaHawkAI facial liveliness recognition is able to distinguish a live person from presentation frauds/attacks such as photos, videos or masks. It prevents what is known as “presentation attack detection”. HawkAI measures and analyzes physical characteristics and reactions in order to determine if a facial sample is being captured from a living subject who is present at the point of capture. HawkAI facial liveness detection SDK uses an approach that is fast, accurate, and doesn’t require any capture-side software. You can seamlessly and easily embed it into your existing android applications to boost their feature sets. HawkAI SDK works in the background with any face recognition system to perform a frictionless liveness check.


Business Benefits

  • Improved decision making through data-backed insights
  • Freeing human resource for more complex, knowledge-based tasks
  • Proactive operations through predictive capabilities
  • Save time and money with automation

Why let us help you?

  • Our AI knowledge & expertise pool: We have got some leading minds on our team. Experts who have been working in this field and across industries for decades now.
  • Our no one-size-fits-all approach: We don’t have a single model or product that we replicate across businesses and industries. Our prerogative is to identify your challenges and enable you to alleviate it through AI.
  • Our resourceful toolbox: We tap into the magic of open-source solutions that are highly customizable, easy to upgrade and brimming with rich features.

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