Digital Transformation

Digital is the new normal, in business and everywhere else. Its redefining the way organizations operate and customer expectations are met. To digitally transform or not – isn’t the question that’s facing business leaders anymore. It is the ‘how’ of digital transformation that’s looking them right in the eyes.With ‘disrupt or be disrupted’ being the rallying call of digital transformation, the urgency and the need to embrace digital is real. Implementing a bunch of top technologies, however, isn’t digital transformation. Nor is there a one-size-fits-all approach to going digital. Digital transformation is a strategic journey, complete with a vision, milestones, roadmap, and destination. And we, at Exzatech, travel this distance with our clients to make it a seamless and successful experience for them.

Business Acceleration Consulting

We enable you to navigate your digital transformation journey.

A well-planned digital transformation roadmap accelerates your business to success. At Exzatech, we see you through to digital success, guiding you from the very start, through every leg of the journey. We ride on our pan-industry experience and digital proficiency to enable you through all the stages of digital transformation. Our conscious choice to be vendor and technology agnostic lets us keep your business first before any technology. Through a meticulously charted out step-by-step approach, we identify your business goals, define corresponding digital objectives, map out a transformation journey and assist you with end-to-end implementation.

Resources for your Digital Transformation

Master digital disruptions with our key offerings in digital transformation.

API Management & Enterprise Integration

Achieve business agility through seamless system interconnectivity and API management.

Exzatech partners with WSO2’s fully open-source API Manager that gives you extensive control and visibility to manage, monitor and monetize your APIs and its products. And WSO2’s fully open-source Enterprise Integrator effectively eliminates the chaos of point-to-point integration and enables free-flowing communication between your people, processes, systems, and technologies.
Superior customization: Access to the source code makes business-specific customization easy and cost-effective.
Speedy rollout: Deployable at unparalleled speed and with the least implementation risks.
Save costs: Reduce dependency on future investments and unplanned costs.

Secure your data and services with elaborate access control facilitated through API Manager’s authentication, authorization, and usage limits.

Reduce the dependency on future investments with full lifecycle API management.

Tap into data-driven insights through API analytics to make informed decisions.

Access to the source code makes business-specific customization easy and cost-effective.

Cloud Migration

From physical to digital: modernize your server and resources.

Moving the workloads to the cloud is a strategic decision. Exzatech supports businesses in making this decision and sees it through to the end. Recommending a single or combination of AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, we devise the cloud migration strategy for you and enable you to have a smooth transition.
Flexible scalability: Increase or decrease resources as per the business requirements.
Reduce costs: Remove ongoing maintenance and support costs of local servers from the annual budget.
Access anytime, anywhere: Collaborate remotely with access to documents and databases from any place and at any time.

Proven to have the fastest integration runtime, Enterprise Integrator can be scaled across deployments at speed and with the least implementation risk.

Enterprise Integrator comes with in-built support for a wide range of protocols, standards, SaaS APIs and systems, making it possible to connect almost anything to anything else.

Safeguard sensitive data with advanced protection of the entire ecosystem that keeps unauthorized access and unwanted risks at bay.

Bespoke App Development

Custom-built software solutions for improved business operations.

Every business is different and an off-the-shelf software can never be a hand-in-glove fit for any business’ requirements. Exzatech’s bespoke applications are tailored to meet the specific need of a specific client. An approach that makes possible the development of solutions that solve particular business problems and fit seamlessly with the culture and technological maturity of the client.

Instead of a business adapting to the features of an off-the-shelf software, bespoke software development ensures the application is a perfect match to the client needs.

Tailor-made applications are far less vulnerable to attacks than common software used by a number of businesses.

The client-vendor relationship is an ongoing one and after the software is delivered, Exzatech will continue to enable the client with future enhancements and maintenance.

Our Solutions

Build smart processes through our proven methodologies and future-ready technologies.

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