Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We solve business problems with AI solutions.

No two businesses are alike. Whether you are a start-up or an MNC, a small or mid-sized organization, we help you solve your unique business challenges and enhance operational efficiency through custom-built AI solutions. We step in as your technical partner and engage our knowledge and experience in designing, implementing and integrating data-powered solutions and products within your business environment.

A glimpse into our toolbox


Trusted by top brands, Tesseract is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) open-source technology. Used to automate the scanning, data extraction and processing of documents, images and other files, this technology is a go-to solution to reduce manual labor in preforming redundant, repetitive tasks. Enriched with machine learning features, the efficiency of OCR is consistently improving, making it an ideal solution for industries majorly into data collection in any form.


A rich open-source system, TensorFlow is a deep learning framework for building AI applications. The technology thrives on its vast data library that lets it learn to perform a task. Coming from the house of the technology prowess Google, TensorFlow is paving the way for next-gen tech capabilities that can enable companies to unlock unprecedented business value.


Developed by Facebook’s AI Research Lab, PyTorch is an open-source machine learning framework that is primarily used for natural language processing and computer vision. With a high-accuracy rate derived from high-power machine learning capabilities, PyTorch is utilized by Exzatech to enable secure verification processes at the client’s end.


A highly optimized computer vision and machine learning software library, OpenCV uses over 2500 algorithms to detect and recognize faces and objects, track object and camera movements, and extract 3D models to replicate an entire scene, identify images from a repository, edit images and more. A capability that Exzatech is engaging to build further on Optical Character Recognition and introduce innovative solutions such as Video KYC.

Business Benefits

  • Improved decision making through data-backed insights
  • Freeing human resource for more complex, knowledge-based tasks
  • Proactive operations through predictive capabilities
  • Save time and money with automation

Why let us help you?

  • Our AI knowledge & expertise pool: We have got some leading minds on our team. Experts who have been working in this field and across industries for decades now.
  • Our no one-size-fits-all approach: We don’t have a single model or product that we replicate across businesses and industries. Our prerogative is to identify your challenges and enable you to alleviate it through AI.
  • Our resourceful toolbox: We tap into the magic of open-source solutions that are highly customizable, easy to upgrade and brimming with rich features.

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