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Keep up with the fast-changing times with a well-oiled IT infrastructure. At Exzatech, we help you manage and monitor the health and performance of your IT & Application delivery infrastructure. Through a range of open-source solutions and alliances with industry-leading technology companies, we bring the best-in-breed IT solutions to our clients.

A glimpse into our toolbox


As an Active Directory domain controller, Samba can seamlessly integrate with and co-exist with Windows Active Directory, making it possible for the Windows administrators to manage Samba effortlessly. It can be used for a secure enterprise authentication system, replication, user directory management and a host of other authentication related functions.


A container orchestration platform, Kubernetes enables automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. At Exzatech, we develop a well-defined container strategy for your business, orchestrate your container infrastructure and ensure fast, secure,
and smooth transformation.

Enterprise Linux

An open-source operating system, Enterprise Linux is ideal to scale existing apps and roll-out new technologies across all cloud platforms. It delivers expansive interchangeability & interoperability. The CentOS Linux distribution is a stable, predictable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It delivers a consistent and manageable ecosystem for faster and secure enterprise distribution deployments.

Enterprise Virtualisation

An open-source virtualization management platform with built-in capability to manage your entire business infrastructure. oVirt provides the best support for your ambitious technical roadmap and is trusted by some of the top names in the aviation, education, and government sectors.After careful consideration, Exzatech identified oVirt as an ideal solution for its clients. The flexibility and scalability of this platform are unmatched. And, its growing list of clientele stands testimony to its superior functionality.


A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) delivery platform, SMARTDesktop gives clients on-demand access to private and publicly hosted virtual desktops and applications, enabling organizations to integrate and seamlessly deliver them as secure services to end-users.
In response to growing client needs, SMARTDesktop is Exzatech’s very own home-grown product, available as both, a SaaS offering and an on-premise platform.

SaaS Offering

A new-age platform for collaboration, DropnShare has been designed as a quick file-sharing platform for enterprises. But that’s not it. It also offers video and audio chats with screen sharing for meetings, and groupware for collaboration apart from simple file sharing.
An easy-to-use collaborative platform, Exzatech provides exceptional customizability and adaptability with its DropnShare solution.

Public and Private Cloud

Moving the workloads to the cloud is a strategic decision. Exzatech supports businesses in making this decision and sees it through to the end. Recommending a single or combination of AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, we devise the cloud migration strategy for you and enable you to have a smooth transition.


Exzatech partners with WSO2 to engage its fully open-source Identity Server that lets businesses strategically define and deploy information access controls and privileges, thereby, improving customer experience. The platform lets you federate and authenticate across all on-premises and cloud environments.

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High Performance Computing Clusters (HPCC)

Keep up with the growing pool of data using HPCC, a data-intensive computing platform that crunches data and performs complex calculations at superior speed. A super-efficient system that networks computing servers into clusters, increasing the computer performance exponentially.

Business Benefits

  • Improved efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Reliable functioning
  • Better scalability

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  • Our expertise: Knowledge and skills are non-negotiable in delivering top-notch results.
  • Our service-oriented trajectory: We are committed to delivering the best of support and service to our clients.
  • Our technology & vendor-agnostic approach: We adopt a client-first approach wherein our unwavering focus is on delivering a solution to a challenge.

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