Bangalore, India Jan 6, 2019
eXzaTech Consulting & Services, an expert in Open Source Solutions, today announced that Karnataka Bank, as a part of KBL Vikas – Digital transformation initiative launched Express Auto Loan and Express Account opening facilities. This enables the bank to reach out to the customer to service them at their doorstep. The tablet-based Auto Loan and Account opening applications allows the bank’s representatives to collect the required information, process the auto loan in as low as 6 simple steps or open a savings bank in 5 simple steps with pre-allotted account numbers and pre-activated debit cards. All these services are delivered to bank’s customers at their doorstep.

The application helps Karnataka Bank to speed up account opening and loan application approvals via real-time data extraction and ID verification. These new age applications automates many manual tasks to increases accuracy and hence efficiency with automatic data entry from captured documents or photographs.

These custom banking applications, have enabled Karnataka Bank to provide better customer experience by delivering flexibility and convenience of the essential banking operations right at the customer’s doorstep. It eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes and free knowledge workers for value-added tasks.

Commenting on this engagement, Mr Anantha Raghava, CEO and Founder, eXzaTech Consulting & Services said, “ New gen Banks are increasingly adopting more integrated banking applications centred on Open Source technologies as they help them bring down their capital expenditure drastically. With our cost-effective Open Source Banking solutions, We go that extra mile to help our clients in their Digital Transformation journey. This strategic launch will provide an excellent model for banks looking to replace their legacy solutions.

About eXzaTech

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