Bangalore, India January 22nd, 2020
eXzaTech Consulting & Services, an expert in Open Source Solutions, today announced that Karnataka Bank, as a part of the KBL Vikas – Digital transformation initiative launched Express Account opening facilities to harbor a deeper level of engagement with their customers and deliver a smooth onboarding experience.

eXzaTech’s Tab Banking solution is flexible, reliable and empowers Karnataka Banks field agents to initiate the on-boarding process ‘on-the-fly’. They can capture customer information on their tablet devices and initiate the eKYC process to validate it. They can then upload this information to the core banking system and track the application status in real-time. Using this solution, we can ensure the agile processing of applications and empower Bank relationship managers with critical customer information.

“In this connected world, Users expect a fast, seamless digital banking experience across all their devices – especially when it comes to setting up a new account, and our solution is purpose-built to deliver just that by delivering engaging, seamless customer experiences across channels and services,” said Mr. Anantha Raghava, CEO, and Founder, eXzaTech Consulting & Services. He also added, “With the current trend of increasing digital transformation in financial services, placing the customer experience at the center is the most critical factor to success.”

About eXzaTech

eXzaTech Consulting and Services Pvt Ltd provides IT solutions since 2017 with a deep focus on technology and customer-oriented mechanism. eXzaTech is focused on Open Source technologies that are best for the customer. We have an expert team that has sufficient knowledge to understand customer’s requirements and fulfill them with the best possible solutions. Our major driving forces include the quality and support we provide. We have been providing the full spectrum of IT Services right from infrastructure solutions to Software Development all with Open Source technologies.