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A full-service IT and software solutions provider strategizing, implementing and managing agile, modern, and cost-conscious IT environments for its clients using open-source technologies.

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Technology doesn’t just support but can advance your business onto an assured trajectory of success. At Exzatech, we build tailor-made solutions that bolster your digital prowess to leapfrog your competition and deliver the best customer experience.
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Accelerating Business Transformation

Digital transformation is promising. But not everyone who attempts to create a digital-first organization succeeds. At Exzatech, we encourage you to take
the strategic route to digital transformation. From identifying your business needs to aligning it with the digital objectives, we partner with clients in
creating impactful digital transformation journeys, from end-to-end.

API Management & Enterprise Integration

Manage your entire business ecosystem with
seamless system interconnectivity
and API management.

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Cloud Migration

Modernize your IT infrastructure with
a confident move to cloud with
minimal disruption to the business.

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Bespoke App Development

Accelerate your business growth with
custom-made software solutions,
designed to meet a specific goal.

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Expertise Driven

More Solutions
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Optimize your business operations with automation, deep learning, and predictive capabilities.
Information Security
Fully protect your business environment and sensitive data with Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions.
IT Operations
Build a healthy and modern IT environment with best-in-class software solutions.

Why open-source technologies?


With the source code in hand, build
technology that is every way what you
need for your business.

Freedom from
vendor lock-in

Escape being at the mercy of a vendor’s
prices, vision, agendas, and limitations.


Save heavily in the absence of a
restrictive licensing model.

Superior security

Let not the name deceive you.
Open source is as secure as any
technology can get.

Exzatech brings to you the best of the open-source software solutions for API Management, Enterprise Integration, and Identity and Access Management through WSO2.
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Digital Transformation for Karnataka Bank Through API-led Integration. View Video

Case Studies

Case Studies

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