Exzatech Partners with Collabora Online

Collabora, the developers behind Collabora Online, and Exzatech Consulting, an IT and software solution provider focusing on security and enhanced business performance, are happy to announce a partnership integrating Collabora Online and Exzatech’s ‘Ndryve’ collaborative workspace.

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Tired of demystifying digital transformation?

Digitalization is an unavoidable enterprise-wide journey,  but every organization has its own unique demands, opportunities, and limitations. That’s why Exzatech follows a vendor/product-agnostic approach to build and manage agile IT ecosystems. We leave no stone unturned in your digital transformation journey.

Understand exact requirements to create a cost-conscious roadmap

Reduce time to implememntation and ensure continuous improvements

Provide full transparency on solutions and measurable ROI

Offer comprehensive, customer friendly after sales support and guidan

Our Products


Unlock the future of remote Content Collaboration with our enterprise-grade, remote-friendly, and fully secure Workspace platform. Ndryve ensures swift integration across multiple hosting models and complete data security and compliance. It empowers your workforce to better interact, collaborate, and add value with seamless web/mobile user interfaces.

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Allow the right user to access the right resources at the right time for the right reason with a powerful Identity and Access Management platform. Confidently grant access rights and entitlements and manage group rules with ExzaEndorse. Stay on top of user access and activity with deep-dive reports for auditing and continuous improvement.

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Drive unified and hassle-free on-boarding customer journeys with a web-based, real time KYC platform. Avoid day-one delays and discrepancies create contactless workflows – powered by ML and Al-driven KYC processes. ExzaFusion offers a single source of truth to proactively monitor verify, and address security or compliance issues.

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HawkAI’s liveness detection helps secure facial recognition systems that protects from deception. An impostor could use (real) user photos, videos or a prosthetic such as a mask to deceive a facial recognition software and gain unsanctioned account or data access. Fraud prevention is the one of the main reasons why liveness detection is required for a secure facial authentication application.

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Our Solutions

API Driven ecosystems

Leverage a deep consultative solution - backed by our strong partnerships with WSO2 and more.

  • Speedy rollout ensures that you deploy at unparalleled speed.
  • Save costs by reducing dependency on future investments

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Digital Transformation Framework

Leverage our partnership ecosystems and digitally transform with bespoke and unique services.

  • Enterprise Integration
  • Microservices
  • Cloud migrations, containers, orchestration
  • Web & mobile applications

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Our Services

Custom Application Development

Accelerate and amplify operational resilience, workforce excellence, and business growth

  • Bespoke Application Development

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Infrastructure Services

Keep up with the fast-changing times with a well-oiled IT infrastructure.

  • Virtualization, Hyperconverged infrastructure
  • Containers and orchestration
  • Operating Systems
  • Performance Monitoring and Management

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Our Customers

The top businesses and companies trust Exzatech because we go above and beyond the call of duty to craft solutions that delight and transform their business for the better.