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IT lately is more into recognizing what new in the technology that increases the popularity of the product/services given to the customer, paying off to the business. A well-established, one size fits all, solution is what Enterprises looking for. Enterprises inclined towards virtualisation, mobile force working to keep data stored as it eases stress of managing employees, and administrative activities.

Focused on Business-Critical IT Solutions & Services in Data & Information Management, Infrastructure Solutions, Information Security, Virtualisation & Cloud Solutions, and IT Modernization with IOT services.

Our customers reap benefits with cost optimization as we employ an adaptive business model to automate IT operations management, and gain insight across physical, cloud, and virtual infrastructure.

eXzaTech is the preferred choice of customers as we provide flexible cloud infrastructure to their vast ecosystem. We also manage, connect and secure applications across clouds accelerating Work space, and Digital Transformation.

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Virtualisation & Cloud

Virtualise the IT Infrastructure, deliver the applications on demand to consolidate, Optimize Performance, better utilization & lay the foundation for private & hybrid cloud.

Announcing first Release Candidate of Cloud Hosted Communication & Collaboration Solution "Drop N Share". Click here to experience the first Beta Release

Shortly You will see the SMARTDesktop - The Ultimate VDI & Application Delivery platform live on our cloud.

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Infrastructure Solutions

Open Source tools & associated services that help you to optimize the application delivery infrastructure on-demand to end users.

* Active Directory and Central Authrntication Solutions

* NMS / EMS / Application Performance Management Solutions

* Integrated Communication Solutions with Cloud or Self Hosted Video & Audio Conferencing Solutions.

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Information Management

Open Source tools & associated services to enable collection, assessment, cleansing, delivery of data & information to business functions, Analyse & Report helping business to take appropriate decisions.

* Dashboards & Reporting

* Big Data Analytics

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Information Security

Open Source tools that provide the Privileged Activity Monitoring, Log Collection, Assessment, Reporting solutions, Network Vulnerability Assessment, SIEM Solutions and associated services.

A leading commercial bank subscribes to eXzaTech's solutions and services for network security assessment and enforcement.

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Software Modernization

Modernize your applications, application delivery infrastructure using Open Source Software & drive significant benefits.

"Karnataka Bank" taps into eXzaTech's talent & experience to modernize their applications.

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Internet of Things

Connect Devices, Exchange Data, Control Devices...All Over Internet.

"Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board" subscribes to eXzaTech's services to design & deploy Bulk Water Flow Metering Application.

Why eXzaTech?

  • Adaptive Business Model
  • Collaborative Innovation
  • Deep Industry Insight
  • Business First & Technology Agnostic Approach
  • Committed to Open Source Initiative
  • Maximum Service with Zero Ego

eXzaTech remains a flexible business partner with "Collaborative Innovation" as its mantra

eXzaTech is an organization of practitioners with considerable & varied experience in the Information Technology industry. eXzaTech follows “Business First” approach while delivering the solutions & services. eXzaTech is technology & vendor agnostic by nature.

As a member of Center of Excellence in Cyber Security, Team eXzaTech works to bring in standardised security practices.

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