Owing to the COVID-19 Global Emergency, and in line with Government Notifications, Exzatech Consulting And Services Pvt. Ltd., has closed the office premises. Different teams have started to Work from their Homes. All are well connected and have access to all Exzatech's compute resources and applications at all times.

For any support, please send in a mail to or call our customer support number +91-80-68234997

We are committed to extend all necessary support as & when needed.

IT lately is more into recognizing what new in the technology that increases the popularity of the product/services given to the customer, paying off to the business. A well-established, one size fits all solution is what Enterprises looking for. Enterprises inclined towards virtualisation, mobile force working to keep data stored as it eases stress of managing employees and administrative activities.

Our customers reap benefits with cost optimization as we employ an adaptive business model to automate IT operations management and gain insight across physical, cloud and virtual infrastructure.

Team Exzatech is focused on business-critical IT Solutions & Services Data, Information Management, Infrastructure Solutions, Information Security, Virtualization & Cloud Solutions, IT Modernization, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and related services.

Team Exaatech is the preferred choice of the customers as we provide flexible and adaptive solutions to their vast ecosystem. We manage, connect, and secure applications, across platforms accelerating workspace and Digital Transformation initiatives.


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Modernize & Transform

Modernize your applications, application delivery infrastructure using open source software & drive significant benefits

A leading private sector bank taps into Exzatech's talent & experience to drive "Digital Transformation."

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Information Security

Open Source tools that make Privileged Activity Monitoring, Log Collection, Analysis & reporting Network Vulnerability Assessment & SIEM a reality in a cost-effective manner.

SIEM Solution will be available as a SaaS offering shortly.

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Solutions that make automation possible. Self-learning, increasing accuracy over a period of time, thus reducing the human intervention in the routine tasks.

AI & ML is also a research area for Team Exzatech.

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Internet of Things

Connect devices, exchange data, control devices, all over the internet.

A Government body responsible for water distribution subscribes to Exzatech's services to design & implement Bulk Water Flow metering for Bangalore City.

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Virtualization & Cloud

Virtualise the IT Infrastructure, deliver the applications on demand to consolidate, Optimize Performance, better utilization & lay the foundation for private & hybrid cloud.

Hyper-converged, Containers - name your need, we have cost-effective solutions meeting needs.

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IT Operations

Open Source tools & associated services that help you optimize the on-demand application delivery infrastructure to end users.

Active Directory, Performance Monitoring, Service Desk, WebRTC, SaaS Offerings under Open Source umbrella help you to take control of your IT Operations.

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Why Exzatech?

Adaptive Business Model

Collaborative Innovation

Deep Industry Insight

Business First & Technology Agnostic Approach

Committed to Open Source Initiative

Maximum Service with Zero Ego

Team Exzatech remains a flexible business partner with "Collaborative Innovation" as its "Mantra".

Exzatech Consulting And Services Private Limited is an organization of practitioners with considerable & varied experience in Information Technology Industry. Exzatech follows "Business First" approach while delivering solutions and services. Exzatech is technology and vendor agnostic by nature.

Join us and help disrupt the enterprise software market!

We offer you an extraordinary chance to learn, experiment, develop and disrupt the enterprise software market. Be a part of our exciting team.

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